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cash for cars Surrey

Summer is over and Autumn has arrived, but Joe and his junk vehicle removal team are working as hard as ever to keep their customers happy by giving them fast, generous cash for scrap cars.

Today’s report starts in Surrey with a 2005 Volkswagen Passat. The three-door VW had accumulated a lot of kilometers, so it was high time to take this 16-year old hatchback off the road.

We are not sure whether the owner contacted any other junk vehicle recycling companies before they decided to do business with Joe, but if they had done, it would not be too surprising.

It’s been our experience over the years that when someone has an old car, truck or SUV they can’t afford to fix, or don’t want it cluttering up their property any longer, they frequently do a bit of research and contact three or four of the several scrap auto towing companies in the Metro Vancouver region before they ultimately come to the conclusion that Joe is the best guy to do business with. They like getting…

  • Most money paid,
  • Prompt, responsive service, and
  • Friendly, helpful attitude

You can get it to by doing this…

Call or Text: 604-779-6397

cash for cars Burnaby Chrysler Sebring

Cash For Scrap Cars Burnaby – Chrysler Sebring

It’s no wonder the owner of this 2006 Chrysler Sebring four door sedan in Burnaby did not want to deal with all of its many problems anymore.

Besides having been driven a lot of kilometres during its fifteen year history, it also had a long list of mechanical issues that would have cost a lot of money to repair, including…

  • Defective rear shock absorbers
  • Worn out brakes
  • Broken engine mounts
  • Fuel pump not working, and
  • Issues with the alternator

So we can imagine how delighted they must have been when Joe gave them a generous cash payment as well as taking if off their hands and safely towing their scrap car away.


cash for cars Langley Honda

Cash For Scrap Cars Langley – Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a great car.  Over the years, such institutions as Consumer Reports has consistently given it high marks for fuel efficiency, nimble performance and responsive handling. But even excellent vehicles have a limited lifespan. This 2004 four-door Civic met its match in the form of a clutch that was worn out, and the owner, in Langley, made the decision that it would be a better idea to sell it for scrap than to pay more than $1,000 to have repairs done.

Here is the wise choice they decided to do…

Call or Text: 604-779-6397

They contacted Joe at Vancouver Scrap Car Removal, and he set up a convenient appointment to bring his big blue tow-truck to their location. After checking out the vehicle, he made them a better offer than anyone else did, and they accepted. Joe quickly and efficiently took care of all the paperwork, so all the powers that be, including ICBC would be happy. He gave them a generous cash payment. And then he hooked the 17-year old sedan up and towed it away for environmentally responsible recycling.

Preview of More Cash For Cars Stories

In our next report, we’ll tell you about another Honda (an Accord) plus what happened to a Hyundai and news on a mini-van.

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