Summer is Junk Car Recycling Time

Junk car towing Vancouver
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The weather forecasts on the television say that the hot days will soon be here. The first day of summer is next Thursday, June 21st. Officially, summer begins at the solstice at 3:07 am Pacific Daylight Time. Will you be ready?

What shape is your house and yard in? Are you ready to welcome guests or is there a mess in the form of an unwanted car, SUV, truck or recreational vehicle cluttering up your landscape? If you have a problem in the form of a junk automobile making your home unsightly then the solution is easy. Give Joe at Vancouver Scrap Car Removal a call and he will solve your situation quickly and easily.

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Free Car Towing

Joe does not simply give you free car towing. No, what he has to offer is a lot better. He will pay you cash to take away the vehicle you do not want any longer. Maybe it suffered some internal damage, and maybe it got beat up and broken in an accident. The details about why your car doesn’t work anymore are not really all that important. The heart of the matter is that you will be paid instant cash when Joe comes and takes away the car you don’t want anymore.

Junk Car Removal Surrey

Junk car removal in SurreyJoe and his colleagues at Vancouver Scrap Car Removal recently were called to a job in North Surrey. It was an unwanted Nissan in the Guildford area. It was a 2002 Primera with an automatic transmission failure.

The owner was very happy to be paid top dollar to get the car towed away, and Joe was happy to add one more satisfied customer to his long list of consumers who have had their unwanted vehicle problem solved by Joe and his team of professionals.

Junk Car Removal and the Environment

If you have a junk car sitting around, did you know it might be an environmental hazard? Leaking gasoline, transmission fluid, cooling system liquids and motor oil can do serious damage to the soil and groundwater if they are not taken away in a safe manner. That is one more reason why responsible citizens will not leave their scrap vehicles sitting around untended for a long period of time and instead will have them safely taken away in a timely manner.

Call or text 604-779-6397 and talk to Joe or one of his team members soon. They will need to know what your location is, what the condition of your vehicle might be, and any other details necessary for its safe and convenient removal. Are all of the tires fully functional? Is it in a locked garage? Do the axles turn? Are there any extras such as winter tires? The more information you can provide, the easier it will be for Vancouver Scrap Car Removal to give you an accurate estimate of the cash they will pay you to tow your unwanted vehicle away from your property.

Do you remember the old song “Summertime and the Living is Easy?” Well, your summer will be easier if you get Joe and his unwanted vehicle removal experts to tow away the car or truck you don’t want and pay you a nice cash reward that you can spend however you want.

The most important thing is not to put it off but pick up your phone and get in touch right away: 604-779-6397,







Photo by Rajesh Appalla on Unsplash