A Valentine’s Day Message for Men in Metro Vancouver

Hey, guys, has your lady been bugging you to get rid of that old, ugly, rusty car that has been cluttering up your home for way too long?

Well, today would be a great day to give her that for a Valentine’s Day gift. It’s easy to do. Just call Vancouver Scrap Car Removal…

Call or Text: 604-779-6397

Not only will be come by and take away your unwanted vehicle, we’ll even give you Cash For Your Clunker! And that money will come in handy for taking your sweetheart out for a nice dinner, or buying her some flowers, or candy, or maybe all three.

So, what are you waiting around reading messages on your iPhone for? Use that phone for solving your two problems…

1) Your Unwanted Scrap Vehicle

2) Your Unhappy wife or girlfriend

Call or Text: 604-779-6397

And – Happy Valentine’s Day from your friends at Vancouver Scrap Car Removal Service