Scrap Car Removal Pitt Meadows Adventure Tale

Ford F150 in bushes
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When Joe and his team at Vancouver Scrap Car Removal got a call to come to Pitt Meadows and remove a pickup truck, little did they know they were going to have an unusual adventure.

The truck turned out to be a 1996 Ford F-150, but the big surprise was that the vehicle was almost completely entwined in a tangle of blackberry bushes.

Somehow, years ago, water had gotten into the engine of the truck, so it became rusty and no longer usable. Over the years, the owner left it in their yard, and it got covered up with blackberry bushes.

A few weeks ago, they got sick and tired of having the old, rusty truck cluttering up their property and they did the smart thing…

They picked up their phone and called Vancouver Scrap Car Removal at 604-779-6397.


Because they had heard that Joe pays more money than anybody else in the Lower Mainland when it comes to cash for junk cars and trucks.

And they were right!

Joe made an appointment to come out with his truck and attend to them promptly.

They had their ICBC registration papers ready, and Joe was able to fill out all the necessary legal forms without any hassles.

Joe filling tire with air compressorOne thing that did give Joe trouble was that some of the tires on the old F-150 were flat. But, always prepared, Joe got out his portable air compressor and re-filled the soft tires so he was finally able to pull the rusty truck out of the blackberry bushes and tow it away.

But not before he gave a handsome cash payment to the owner.
Joe towing away old truck

The owner of the old, unwanted truck was happy, because they got a lot of money – and fast – for their scrap vehicle.

And Joe was also happy, because he had one more satisfied customer.

Hopefully, that customer will tell their friends and relatives so they will know to call Joe at Vancouver Scrap Car Removal in case they ever need to have a junk vehicle taken away for a generous cash payment.

Actually, getting paid more cash is only one of the reasons why folks in the Lower Mainland like doing business with Joe and consistently give him top, five-star reviews.

Another reason is because Joe is a good, friendly guy to do business with. But don’t take our word for it. Try phoning any of the competitors and talking to them. Then call Joe and talk to him. We are pretty confident you will come to the same conclusion – that Joe is a better fellow to have taking your unwanted car, truck or RV away.

So, if you have an old vehicle cluttering up your space and you’re ready to have it removed for a big cash payment, here’s all you have to do next. Go get your phone and…

Call or text 604-779-6397.

You’ll get the best scrap car removal service available in the Lower Mainland – from Surrey, Delta and White Rock to North Vancouver, West Van and Horseshoe Bay. And east towards the Fraser Valley through Langley, including Pitt Meadows.

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