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Surrey junk car removal
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We have all owned a vehicle or two in our lifetime, and some of us have had a favorite vehicle they just couldn’t let go of throughout our lives. Many of our neighbours may wonder why they should recycle an unwanted vehicle in British Columbia, Canada or anywhere on the planet for that matter. Some also worry about what they have to go through to recycle their vehicle. Is it a long process? Will it take a lot of time?

In most cases, junking cars for cash is as simple as a phone call to Joe at Vancouver Scrap Car Removal. Depending on who you call and who you speak to you just need to be there to complete the transaction. There are several additional benefits of recycling your vehicle. And there are several reasons why it is important to recycle your car but we shall touch upon just a few in this article.

Why Surrey Junk Car Removal and Recycling?

In today’s economy, there are many benefits of having your vehicle removed professionally, and considering the continuous use of vehicles, more and more people should be considering recycling unwanted car or truck as a disposal option. Allowing your vehicle to sit in your yard can cause all kinds of hazards for you, your family, and our environment.

Below is a list of a few reasons for you to consider:

Reducing Greenhouse Emissions

scrap car removalThe process of manufacturing car parts uses coal as a fuel. It takes lots of coal burning to create the parts for our vehicles every year. The emissions that are put into the air from burning the coal to produce these vehicle parts annually have a significant impact on our atmosphere. However it takes much less coal to use recycled metals to create new cars. These recycled metals account for 25% of the metals used on new metal frames.

Recycling Vehicles Provides Access to Rare Materials

There are a lot of materials in older model cars that are scarce to locate, and are no longer manufactured. Recycling for parts offers others the opportunity to find parts they need that may have been discontinued or are too hard to find.

Cash for Junk Cars Helps You Save Money

Recycling unwanted cars can help you make money since the car is broken down and you are paid a portion based up the parts that may be removed from the vehicle and the weight of the metal inside it. This process can also benefit those who cannot otherwise afford the parts they may require to fix their vehicle, and here they are able to get the parts for a discounted price.

Improves Property Values and Neighborhoods

The unsightly nuisance of abandoned and broken down motor vehicles within a neighborhood can cause a reduction in property values. Recycling junk cars or unwanted vehicles from the area can improve the value appreciably and may even help keep the neighborhood safer.

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Tips for Surrey Junk Car Removal

  • cash for junk cars
    Joe will buy your junk car for up to $1,000

    Be sure to do your research and ask questions about your vehicle car removal.

  • Recycling junk cars helps remove toxic liquids properly. Toxic fluids can leak into the yard and become harmful to the environment around you, family pets, and even small children if they are exposed to the area.
  • Be sure to use a local buyer they can come out quickly and evaluate your junk car
  • There is no need to clean, but don’t forget to remove your belongings from the interior before calling us to come out in case your appointments can be scheduled quickly.

Did You Know?

  • Did you know that studies have revealed that recycling one vehicle per person would reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by a billion tons?
  • Did you know that recycling your vehicle can help save energy and power over 18 million households every year?
  • Did you know that recycling the oil from unwanted vehicles could save more than 80 million barrels of oil per year?
  • Did you know according to the Bureau of International Recycling, new steel automobile frames are comprised of 25% of recycled steel?

In Conclusion:

If you are looking at an old, unwanted car, truck or SUV on your property, then consider recycling that poor vehicle. There are so many benefits to recycling your junk car including contributing less pollution to our atmosphere, improving our planet, and even putting a bit of money in your own pocket in the form of cash for junk cars, that it almost seems like a waste to continue allowing it to sit.

Abandoned junk cars are dangerous and a nuisance in our neighborhoods. The toxic fluids are liable to leak out and damage our ground soils, can harm our family pets, and expose our children to dangers. Recycling your unwanted vehicles can save in overall energy costs, time, and money. Recycling provides valuable parts for those who cannot afford new parts and part for cars that are no longer manufactured or harder to locate.

Now that you know why, here’s what to do:

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