Smart Car Parking Fail Funny Video

Have you ever seen a driver who was so bad at parking that they ought to have their car towed just to protect the rest of the public?  This short, but very funny video shows a woman trying to park her Smart car in an enormous parking space and failing miserably – over and over.
We’re not sure where this happened, but the people watching out the window and laughing are not speaking English. If you can translate, please give us a shout.

Just a quick reminder from Joe’s Auto Towing that we specialize in junk car removal in Vancouver and all across the Regional District, from the North Shore to the Tri Cities area and even as far towards the Fraser Valley as Mission. It’s great to get paid cash for scrap cars, and we pay you top dollar.

But if you see a woman doing a terrible job of trying to park her Smart Car, please do not call us. Instead send us a video and maybe we will post it on our blog.

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